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Why Codasip? And who we are?


Codasip is a company that  is not so well-known in the Czech Republic, but in the world of processor cores it is a different  story. If we are to introduce ourselves in 4 brief points, they would be:

  • We are a proud founding member of the RISC-V community
  • We have developed the world's first commercial RISC-V core
  • We are the only ones in the Czech Republic developing a Linux capable processor core 
  • We are the only EU company making RISC-V processors

From our day-to-day practice, we are well aware that people usually have no idea about RISC-V, how innovative the Linux core is, and who our competitors around the world are. So why are we mentioning these things while searching for a new HR colleague? Because it's our daily bread: concepts like verification, compilers, VHDL languages, RTL (not the TV channel), CodAL, IDE, IP and more are our reality. As well as  the professional world of our employees, both current and the future ones.


What does our HR look like?


There are 4 of us in the HR department - and we take care of all our offices around the world. What makes us busy is mostly recruitment, HR administration, employee care in general, but we also steer our HR marketing, administer the training and language lessons, comp & ben, organize company events, oversee office management, ... there is a lot of it. We are currently looking for a recruiter -body and soul, but if there is a will, you will be active in other HR areas. 

What is different about us?


The HR is a partner and is trusted. Our employees come to us not only when they have a job related question, but to have a chat. What can be better than sitting in 2 comfy armchairs in the HR office! 

What roles do we typically hire for?


If you have experience with IT recruitment, we definitely have something for you. We are on a lookout for SW engineers, developers with C ++, Java or Python. However, we also have roles focused on HW, the development of processor cores and processes around (like the already mentioned verification). Disclaimer! We are not a manufacturing company focused on "metal". All we do is about SW development of the latest technologies that are used in TV sets, enabling (not only) speech recognition in phones, can be found in intelligent buildings or artificial intelligence.

Who are we looking for?


We are looking for an enhancement of the HR dept., somebody who will not be intimidated by a new industry, which is a bit of IT and in fact is not at all. We already have a proven way to convey this - “explain and explain again” approach, and our development teams help us a lot. 

We need someone who speaks fluent English, and if he/she speaks another language, it is a big plus, but it is not a condition in any case. Mastering the entire hiring process in English must not be a challenge for you, because we will be focusing mainly on the UK, France, the USA,….


We need someone who is not afraid of sourcing, not afraid to search and refine the Boolean string until you reach the right combination of words. 

And then comes the INmessaging itself 😈. 

We don't want and can't depend on LinkedIn only, do you have experience with other resources and techniques on how to find new candidates? Let's talk!

Where are we and what do we offer?


We are based in the Technology Park in Brno-Královo Pole, but it is possible that over the course of time, we will have to move when our building becomes small.

We have flexible working hours - the fixed part between 12-13:00, but with recruitment activities both in China and the USA, it is the only option. Some of us are moms, too, so we understand the necessity of being flexible. At times you need to come earlier and sometimes stay longer.

You will get everything you need for work - information, support, patience and trust, and a great team. You will often hear from us that asking and questioning is required, over and over again. No one will be angry about it - quite the opposite. Of course we have a laptop and a phone ready for you. 

As it is palpable from the whole text above, we have a lot of work and even more ahead, but we believe it is an exciting and professionally enriching journey with no dull tasks and no corporate rules leading to procrastination.

If our intro and description did not scare you off and you feel  enthusiastic about the position, let us know. 

Thank You

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